Nine Elms to Pimlico bicycle bridge

road safety

We designed this extremely slender bicycle and pedestrian bridge for the 2015 international Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge design contest. User comfort and road safety played a major role in the design. The bridge offers two separate lanes, one for cyclists and one for pedestrians, which include grade separated landings. Cyclists can reach the bridge deck by cycling up a helix shaped slope, pedestrians can take the stairs. In addition, an elevator on either side of the river offers an alternative solution to both cyclists and pedestrians and allows for full accessibility.

fibre-reinforced composite

The bridge’s main span is composed of a ground-breaking fibre-reinforced tubular bridge deck. As this allows for the entire structure to be positioned underneath the bridge deck, the bridge offers fantastic and unobstructed views over the river Thames. The lightweight material also benefits the logistic side of things, as the entire structure can be prefabricated off site and then easily be transported and erected, with very limited hindrance.

spatial integration

Our design proposed park-like areas surrounding the bridge landings on either side of the river which were to be designed in close collaboration with locals and stakeholders. That way, both Pimlico and Nine Elms would also gain a much needed green space as well as a smooth an appealing bicycle and pedestrian connection.


partners: Witteveen + Bos, Adams Hendry consulting Ltd
status: design proposal for international contest
year: 2015

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project team

Niels Degenkamp
Ivo Mulders

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