Weideveld Bridge, Bodegraven


Situated above a rather busy train underpass and right next to the railway, this bridge offers cyclists and pedestrians a vital connection between the newly built Weideveld housing development and the Bodegraven city centre. Given its location, the city council requested a robust but appealing bridge design.


We translated the city’s wishes into a powerful yet transparent design. Its main features are the large wooden portals and the stainless steel chain link fabric attached in between portals and bridge deck.

The situation required some sort of safety measure to prevent people from throwing things onto the busy road underneath. By integrating it into the design, we created a graceful, and safe solution. The chain link fabric changes its appearance as you pass it, creating a dynamic overall picture.

It also has the added bonus of reflecting light in an interesting manor. At night, the fabric catches the flood light making the bridge a landmark for the Weideveld housing development.


measurements: l = 21 m, w = 5 m
building costs: approx. € 325.000

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project team

Winie Dijksterhuis
Ronald Rozemeijer
Ivo Mulders

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