UHPC bridge Texel


We were asked to design a low-budget and low-maintenance bicycle and pedestrian bridge for the Dutch isle of Texel. The system of standard bridges in Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) we recently developed with our partners Pieters Bouwtechniek and Hi-Con Nederland, seemed the logical option.


We used 2,9 by 1,5 m UHPC deck slabs, which are only 85 mm thick, don’t require a wearing course and have a life-expectancy of over 100 years. We placed those on top of two slightly cambered steel girders, making this 17 m long bridge as basic as can be.


For this project, multiple wishes have been taken into account.

As our client not only wanted a low-cost and low-maintenance bridge, but also one with an appealing appearance, we combined the basic structure with a custom design railing consisting largely of bamboo. This material  is low-maintenance too.

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