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reference book Bridge construction cost (2023)

This reference book offers indications of the project cost in euro for the most common types of bridges (pedestrian, bicycle, road and movable bridges). Prices are based on completed projects and have been converted to the January 2023 price level.

In addition, it provides overall price indications and insight into the different components of bridge cost. Valuable knowledge which is essential for reliable cost estimation.

The Dutch Bridge brochure (2022)

This promotional brochure features our standardised movable bridges. Why we came up with the initial idea, and what they can be used for. (We can be short about this: drawbridges in any size and for any type of traffic, basically.) The brochure tells you about the benefits of choosing the Dutch Bridge as the basis of y our movable bridge design.

feasibility and design studies brochure (2022)

This humble brochure shows what to expect when you ask us to do a feasibility and/or design study. It also offers insight into the range of issues on which we have previously performed such studies. Six issues are illustarted and described further.

Op de kaart (2016)

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we published a photography book featuring a selection of our projects. Even though the photo captions are in Dutch, the pictures tell a story anyone can understand, regardless of language.

Brief Dutch Design Manual for Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridges (2015)

This ipv Delft publication is an English summary of the CROW Design Guide for Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridges.
The richly illustrated booklet is a vital source of both practical information and bridge design inspiration. It focuses on the essentials of successful bridge design:

Pre-design checklist
Bridge width & Railings
Slope design
Loads & Collision forces
Cost reduction

To download your free copy, click the button. Then fill in your contact details, click submit and you will get sent a download link shortly.

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Bridging the Dutch Landscape (2007)

This design guide for bridges tells the story of the design process, based on 26 bridge designs and a design guide. One by one, it shows the different parts of a bridge and their function and possibilities. Apart from interesting design features, factors such as the building costs and bridge size are included for each project. This book mainly features relatively small bicycle and pedestrian bridges, built in ipv Delfts early years, but nonetheless shows a lot of basic information that applies to bridge design no matter what size the project.


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