cycling infrastructure

cycling network

In order for cycling to be a good alternative to driving, sufficient cycling infrastructure has to be in place. A network of cycling routes that connects all areas within a city or region, allowing for cyclists to quickly and comfortably get from A to B. Knowing the specifications of a sufficient cycling network is key. We have gathered a lot of knowledge on this and are well connected with specialists in the field of cycling networks.
When it comes to path width et cetera, we generally comply with the guidelines set by CROW, the Dutch  technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space.

bridges and tunnels

Creating a cycling network is usually relatively straight-forward. Road and water crossings quite often are the most difficult parts, with bridges or underpasses being the bottlenecks in the entire process. That is of course where we come in. With our extensive knowledge and experience in both bridge design and spatial integration, we will gladly help you find the right solution.

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