analysis and advice

advise and inspire

Whether you are a building, engineering or design firm or work in (local) government, our experienced consultants can offer advice on many subjects related to bicycle bridge design and bicycle infrastructure. We also have experienced speakers who travel around the globe to share our expertise and inspire others.

knowledge and experience based

Our extensive knowledge of bridge design, spatial integration, costs, contracts and many other road and cycling infrastructure related issues enables us to be a respected party when it comes to research and advise. In the Netherlands, we often offer support to city councils and large construction companies. On issues such as finding the best location or the most suitable bridge type, but also on creating a cycling network or practical issues such as choice of material and sustainability

analytical minds

All our employees are trained to be critical and have an analytical mind. With backgrounds in architecture, industrial  and product design as well as structural engineering and over twenty years of experience in bridge design we are confident that we can help, no matter what issues you are facing.


In the Netherlands we have collaborated with most large building firms. Abroad, we are willing to do the same. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas for collaboration. We have an open mind and will take any offer into consideration.

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