increasing value

As all our design are for the public realm, they are never just stand-alone pieces. (Alright, perhaps that doesn’t strictly apply to our street furniture.) But any bridge or infrastructural design is made for a certain location. Our focus, besides creating an efficient and attractive structure, is always on increasing value for the location itself and, if possible, its surroundings.

spatial integration

Over the years, spatial integration has become one of our specialities. Whether it is choosing the most logical route, creating public support or simply taking into account the needs an wishes of all stakeholders involved.


Bridges themselves can play a large part in the identity of public space. By adding extra functionalities, they can become a place people want to go to. For instance, in the Dutch city of Venlo we designed the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge in the Maasboulevard area to be an eye-catcher that offers wonderful views across the area and therefore becomes an icon to the city.

public space

Apart form our bridges and infrastructural projects, we also design public spaces and entire outdoor identities for areas such as city centers. Creating a sense of place is one of the things we aim for, as well as creating an overall identity in which all individual components play an equal part.

town square

One of the projects that illustrate our vision, is the recent redesign for a large town square in the city of Roosendaal. Here we transformed an empty and dull area into a lively square that offers room for all sorts of activities, ranging from relaxing to skateboarding and from visiting the local market and shops to letting the kids play. The opinions of locals and stakeholders have all been taken into account, resulting in an attractive and viable design.

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