Zwolle train station footbridge

final design

An innercity park, measuring 130 by 10 metres, elevated above the railway tracks, with a loadbearing timber bridge deck. That’s the sustainable and green footbridge at Zwolle train station in a nutshell. ipv Delft, Karres en Brands and Ingenieurbüro Miebach (Dui) proudly present the final design. The tender process for the build is about to kick off.

team effort

Over the past year and a half, the three companies have been working together on the design of this sustainable footbridge in European pine wood, with Karres en Brands as the coordinating architect. Zwolle city council, ProRail and consultancy firm Attis were also part of the multifunctional design team. In addition, the wishes of locals and local businesses were taken into account in the process as well.


The symmetrical S-shaped pedestrian bridge will have the overall appearance of an appealing elevated street: trees, bushes, water, brick paving and plenty of seating will make this footbridge a pleasant place to be.

The bridge deck layout has specifically been designed as a series of different environments, in which the line of view changes as one walks across. This way, crossing the railway tracks becomes an adventure, offering something to everyone’s liking. For instance, the flight of stairs on the south side is turned into an attractive grandstand with luscious greenery and rippling water, offering views across a new recreational zone. Near the bus station, the bridge provides those waiting for their bus a nice place to sit and right in the centre of the bridge itself will be a water feature, which is visibly connected to the water system of the train station square.


Both client and design team were aiming for maximum sustainability. Therefore, a bridge structure in European soft timber was the design of choice. The bridge will be comprised of four parallel laminated timber beams with identical 34-metre spans. These 1,34-metre-high beams will be connected transversely with steel connectors and are supported by steel portals. All timber is shielded from sunlight and water and designed to last around a hundred years.

unique timber deck

A timber bridge this size alone is quite rare, but the Zwolle train station footbridge will not only have a loadbearing timber structure, but a timber deck as well. Given the amount of planting and water features on the bridge, this cross-laminated timber deck is especially unique. To ensure the deck is water tight, there will be a double layer of EPDM placed on top of the timber

Key in choosing a timber deck, was sustainability. When looking at various options and comparing aspects such as costs, maintenance and building process, a timber deck proved the most environmentally friendly choice. This inspired the design team to take a closer look at the material of choice for the elevator shafts, which resulted in a timber structure with high-end glass panelling. Again, a ground-breaking design decision.

optimal views

The railing will have glass panelling as well, with a 1,20-metre height. The modular panels are individually glued inside a stainless-steel frame and allow for optimal views across the buzzing surroundings of the bridge.


Building is set to start in 2023/2024.

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