Zwolle train station footbridge

team effort

An extension of public space, right above and across the railway tracks at Zwolle’s train station.  A welcoming and lusciously green footbridge that connects the city centre with the bus station and the new city development just south of the station. The proposed new train station footbridge will be just that. We joined forces with landscape design office Karres en Brands and German timber engineering firm Miebach to create this groundbreaking bridge design. Residents and stakeholders have also been involved in an extensive participation process, to ensure local support.

place to interact

The footbridge has a sustainable timber structure, which in itself is a true eye-catcher as the bridge is over 127 metres in length and 10 metres wide.  With trees, shrubbery, water and plenty of seating, the bridge will be an elevated public space with the appeal of an innercity park. A place for people to interact and relax. Three lifts will guarantee the bridge is accessible to all members of the public.


Building is expected to begin in 2023.

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project team

Ronald Rozemeijer
Gerhard Nijenhuis
Marion Kresken
Sietse Cieraad

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