L50 footbridges, Brussels

pedestrian crossing

In 2017, in close collaboration with Artgineering, we came up with the winning design for two footbridges across the L50 railway tracks just north of Brussels. Client is Infrabel, the company that builds, maintains and renews Belgiums railway infrastructure. The two bridges are located at the Sint-Agatha-Berchem station and Ganshoren station respectively, the latter of which is the next station to the east on the L50 line. They will vastly increase safety and overall appearance of both stations and will increase the fysical connection with the very nearby Flanders. The addition of the two new footbridges is part of the future expansion of the GEN, the regional Express network.

weathering steel

We opted for weathering steel and smooth, curvy shapes. The building material is maintenance free as well as timeless, and the curves make for a logical and inviting design. Both bridges have been designed to incorporate easy wheelchair and disabled access and are accessible to cyclists.

structural design

Both main span and stairs are large U-shaped box structures, that form the main loadbearing structure while functioning as bridge railings at the same time. The steel structure of the elevators on either side of the main span contains cantilevered steel beams that support the main span and the top of the stairs. This way, the elevator structures ensure the bridge’s horizontal stability.


status: nearing completion

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project team

Ivo Mulders
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