Jiangxia Park bridge, Ningbo


American G&D Group made a proposal for the Jiangxia Park on the shores of the Fenghua river right in the heart of Ningbo, China. A busy main road that crosses the area, required a bridge to be part of the park design. That’s where we came in. G&D Group asked us to collaborate with them and come up with a bridge design that suited their overall plan.

park bridge

We designed a bicycle and pedestrian bridge that doesn’t simply cross the busy road, but literally takes the park across the Zongshan East Road as well. The 428 metre long bridge doesn’t just offer space for cyclists and pedestrians, but also houses a wide area of vegetation with seating and a cantilevered platform which offers wonderful views of the nearby river.


measurements: l=428 m | w=9 m
status: design proposal
year: 2015
partner: American G&D Group

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