Willem III drawbridge, Assen


This elegant and slender steel drawbridge stands out both because of its operating mechanism and because of its integrated design. As we wanted a simple, affordable yet efficient movable bridge, we decided to use hydraulic cylinders, which are quite uncommon for bridges of this type. The main advantage of this mechanism is that it does not require expensive facilities such as an under water bascule pit or machine room and no adjustments to the embankment were needed. The use of hydraulic cylinders also allowed for a visually pleasing integration of the operating mechanism into the bridge design.


All elements of the bridge were gracefully integrated into the design: the two steel poles on either side of the span not only hide away the access barriers but also have lighting and maritime traffic signs attached to them.

This enhances the bridge’s clean and attractive appearance.

The necessary electrical facilities have been integrated into a wood clad bench on the waterside. The bottom side of the bridge deck holds a surprise, as there is a poem written on it, which was written for this bridge especially.

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project team

Gerhard Nijenhuis
Adriaan Kok
Rob Kruizinga

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