bicycle bridge Heerhugowaard


This project started off as a feasibility study. The city of Heerhugowaard wanted to see whether it was possible to build a bridge over the N242 road near the railway station. Existing buildings, a canal and an embankment limited space.

Once we found constructing a comfortable enough cycle bridge was indeed possible, the city council asked us to come up with a suitable design.

concrete structure

We envisioned a smooth and slender meandering bridge that would require hardly any maintenance at all. Choosing an in situ concrete structure made this possible.

Only the middle section of the bridge deck was prefabricated, as otherwise the busy N242 road would have needed to be closed off for weeks, which of course was unwanted.

Except for the 24 m main span that crosses the existing road, the concrete bridge was cast in situ, allowing for a structurally effi cient design and a slender deck. In situ construction also means the 154 m bridge only has two expansion joints (on either side of the prefabricated main span), seriously reducing the amount of maintenance needed.


The railing is made out of small diameter stainless steel tubes, placed in such a way that they form a structurally sound solution without balusters, resulting in a continuous horizontal line that echoes the continuity of the bridge deck.

The custom designed railing has relatively small openings to ensure that cyclists feel safe when using the bridge as they cross the busy road underneath. The meticulous design comprises two rows of near vertical stainless steel rods that join at the top. This slightly tilted placement creates a railing that changes its appearance as you pass it, enhancing the feeling of safety, as it appears closed from several angles. For drivers passing the bridge, the railing appears very transparent, allowing them to notice the nearby businesses.


size: l=150 m | w=3,5 m
building costs: € 1.700.000

more information?

call Johan Büdgen:
+ 31 15 750 25 74


project team

Maurits Lopes Cardozo
Johan Büdgen
Teun Teeuwisse

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