Europalaan bridge Beek

fast lane

Local government decided on creating a bicycle fast lane between the Dutch cities of Sittard and Maastricht. These ‘bicycle only’ paths offer a fast and safe route for commuters and are aiming to increase bicycle use and decrease road traffic on certain popular routes. We won the design competition for one of the bridges needed.

airplane wing

The bridge is located near Maastricht Aachen Airport and the Technoport Europe business park. This inspired us to come up with a bridge cross-section in the shape of an airplane wing. We also ensured the bridge itself appears as a fluent curve and is as slender as can be.


The bridge has a gentle slope on either side. By designing a curved rather than straight bridge, we were able to stretch the route, allowing for a more comfortable slope.

This way, there is also more space in between the bridge and the traffic signs on the intersection underneath, ensuring road safety on the intersection.


bridge length: 54 m
total length: 115 m
contractor: Dura Vermeer
completed: 2018

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project team

Sam de Koning
Johan Büdgen
Joost Vreugdenhil
Thijs Beerkens
Chris Spierings

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