Auke Vleerstraat bicycle bridge

meandering bridge

This 280 metre long cycling bridge was designed to offer cyclists a fast and easy way to cross one of the busy entrance roads of the city of Enschede.

The main challenge was to create a comfortable slope within the limited space available. A meandering bridge offered the solution, as it allowed for existing trees to stay and extended the cycling path as a whole so that its slope could be more comfortable.

prefabricated concrete

The bridge deck is made with only two different types of prefabricated prestressed concrete sections (radius of 75 and 180 m) that have been placed in a carefully designed order. The 20-metre long sections are very slim, with a height of only 800 mm.

Due to the chosen bearing type, supports and deck come together in one fluent and appealing shape.


size: l=280 m | w=4,1 m
building costs: € 1.400.000

more information?

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project team

Adriaan Kok
Joost Vreugdenhil
Johan Büdgen

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