Laarveld bicycle bridge

safe crossing

In the suburbs of the Dutch city of Weert, a busy main road separates the residential areas of Laarveld and Molenakker. We were asked to design a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge across this main road to connect both areas. In order to decide the exact location of the bridge, we conducted a design and feasibility study and came up with various design proposals. Together with Plangroep Heggen, we also looked into options for blocking unwanted views from the new bridge into people’s gardens.

bridge design

The bridge itself is clean and simple, a straight line that crosses the main road and intersects the landscaping alongside it. The entire structure is made in weathering steel, which we believe fits in well with the bridge’s green surroundings.

custom-design screens

On the southern side of the new connection, space between the necessary slope and existing homes is limited. To prevent bridge users from looking right into people’s homes and gardens, a custom-designed solution was needed. We made several proposals and let the residents choose the final design for the privacy screens. They went for a higher version of the bridge railing, with steel mesh. Ivy will be planted, which will then create a green screen on top of the (also green) embankment.


Functional lighting is integrated in the bridge railings, which meant no additional light poles are necessary and light pollution is prevented.


bridge length: 55 m
bridge width: 5,8 m
completion: 2021

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project team

Johan Büdgen
Rutger Wirtz
Marion Kresken

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