bicycle underpass Haarlem

bicycle underpass

Cyclists and pedestrians who want to cross the intersection at the foot of the Buitenrust bridges in Haarlem can either wait for ages until it is safe for them to cross the road, or simply take the underpass that leads them to the other side fast and smooth. The underpass is well lit at night and lies partially below water level, manifesting the presence of the Spaarne waterway.


The 110 meter long underpass is comprised of steel and was prefabricated in a factory nearby and then transported to the site over water.

Thanks to its boxed structure, the underpass could float. Therefore, once in place, concrete counterweight was added in order for the deck to stay put.

At its lowest point, the deck surface lies 25 centimetre below water level, with the railings functioning as a barrier.


size: l=110 m | w=5,5 m
building costs: € 977.000

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project team

Peter van Meir
Johan Büdgen
Adriaan Kok

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