The Dutch Bridge


We have developed a system of well-designed modular movable bridges that will make it much easier for city councils and other government institutions to commission and build a new movable bridge.

fast & easy

Currently, extensive and complicated tender and building specifications are being drawn up for each and every new movable bridge. By developing an all-in-one solution, we are aiming to simplify and speed up both the initiation and building process. Building time and building costs will be seriously reduced, making the Dutch Bridge an attractive option for many situations.


At the basis of the modular movable bridge system is a steel bridge with an electromechanical drive mechanism with gear racks. We are developing several designs, each with their own characteristic appearance. For instance, there will be a bridge made out of box beams, but also one made out of I or H beams.


The type of operating mechanism we have chosen for the Dutch Bridge is the relatively cheap, very durable and low maintenance gear-rack.


For those who want to  read more about our standardised movable bridges, we have put together a brochure which can be downloaded for free.

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