Gouda N207 Bridge

movable bridge

Prior to designing this movable bridge, we were asked to make the overall design concept for the bridge, which would become the basis for the actual final design. We looked into several bridge types, and soon concluded that given the rural location, a tail or bascule bridge would be the best option.

We then finalized the design of the 95-metre long drawbridge. The towers are relatively low, in order for the bridge to fit in with its horizontally orientated surroundings. The movable part of the deck is a stunning 30 meters long. The bridge was part of a larger project, including a nearby underpass and a cycle bridge. All are located on Gouda’s newly built southern ring road.


size: l= 95 m | w= 17,5 m
building costs: € 7.000.000

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project team

Maurits Lopes Cardozo
Ivo Mulders
Ronald Rozemeijer
Marion Kresken

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