Emmeloord movable bridge

design study

We were asked by the Noordoostpolder City Council to do a design study for a new movable bridge replacing the existing Marknesser Bridge. Reason to come to us was our recently launched Dutch Bridge system of standardised movable bridges. Out of several proposed designs, the city chose an architectural version of the Dutch Bridge to be built.

entrance gate

The new bridge is specifically designed to become a contemporary entrance gate to the city. In addition its design drasticallly increases road safety and traffic flow, mainly because of the seperate bicycle lanes.

integrated design

All technical elements, such as traffic signs, rising arm barriers and machinery, have been fully integrated into the bridge design and therefore do not take away from the bridge’s appearance. This of course required a well thought-out technical design. The machinery is placed in the basement in one of the bridge supports, allowing easy access and limiting the amount of maintenance necessary.

custom signs

We custom designed the traffic signals for both road traffic and vessels, ensuring they were functional but minimalistically designed at the same time. At night the vertical elements of the bridge are illuminated.


completed: 2019

more information?

call Chris Wattel:
+ 31 15 750 25 79

project team

Niels Degenkamp
Gerhard Nijenhuis
Chris Wattel

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