Michiel de Ruyter Bridge

landmark design

Urk city council asked us to design the third bridge across the Urkervaart. The new movable bridge is necessary due to the new Schokkerhoek building development east of the existing town. The bridge will be a new landmark for the entire city of Urk, was well as the newly built area.


We designed a bridge with two faces: a robust and down-to-earth appearance on the southern side and a light, transparant design for the northern part. This emphasizes the transition from the rural and green area north of the canal to a more urban appeal on the south bank. The movable part of the bridge is located within the northern half, whereas the striking pylon is placed on top of a brickwork intermediate support on the southern half of the bridge.

iconic pylon

Both pylon and counterweight have been carefully designed to look slender and appealing. When the bridge deck is in an upright position in order for vessels to pass, counterweight and pylon resemble the shape of a local tool used by fishermen to repair fishing nets. We choose a fresh colour combination: white for the main shape and blue for the inside of the ring-shaped counterweight. Integrated architectural lighting enhances the nighttime appearance of the bridge, showing off its colour scheme as well. This of course was done to ensure the bridge is a landmark 24/7.


length: 55 m
width: 16 m

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project team

Chris Wattel
Gerhard Nijenhuis

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