Barten Bridge Den Bosch


Right on the edge of the city’s historic center, is this 40 meter long road bridge. To do justice to the difference in character of the areas on either side of the bridge, we designed a bridge with two very different abutments. On the city center side the bridge has a large brick clad abutment, while on the other end it lands on a green embankment.


The carefully designed brickwork has an interesting texture that makes it stand out from the surrounding historic fortification walls. At the same time, the use of brickwork connects the bridge to its location.


The materials and colours used in this bridge were chosen to make it look almost as if the bridge has always been there.

To enhance its function as entrance to the city center, we also designed two 10 m high lamppost.


This 43 m by 18 m road bridge was built in less than 7 months.

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project team

Niels Degenkamp
Jona de Bokx
Winie Dijksterhuis
Ivo Mulders

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