Almere public transport bridge

elevated bus lane

The capacity of the bus lane between Almere’s city centre and its train station needed to be increased. The city council therefore asked us to investigate the possibilities. This led to our proposal of an elevated bus lane. Eventually, we designed the bridge up to the preliminary design phase and then advised the city council on the tendering process.


The bridge sits next to the Oostkavels, a new development, and the town hall. The design takes into account the plans for future development of the area. In addition, the design needed to look good during the next decade, whilst being located right next to a building site.


We kept the design simple and logical and supported the client in the tender process.

The project was tendered with a basic design that prescribed what the final result should look like but not how it should be made.


measurements: l=200 m | w=10,4 m
building costs: € 4.000.000

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project team

Johan Büdgen
Sietse Cieraad

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