Buitenring Parkstad  motorway bridges


In order to drastically improve accessibility and improve traffic flow, a 26 kilometer long new motorway is being built in the most southern part of the Netherlands. The area called Buitenring Parkstad comprises of seven municipalities. The new motorway required many bridges to be built, both on and across the new motorway. We were asked to design all 35 of them as well as noise barriers.

family ties

Inspired by the area’s natural landscape, we designed a family of clean, robust bridges that fit in with their surroundings and add to its character. Within the design family, several different bridge types were identified, based on their function and location. Some locations required a one-off design such as the railway crossing. Here we designed custom made perforated steel railings with pictures of indigenous plants and animals on it.


Preserving local wildlife was one of the main issues during the design and building process. That is why many bridges have incorporated wildlife crossings.


total of 35 bridges
building costs: € 441.000.000
project website (in Dutch): www.buitenring.nl

more information?

call Marion Kresken
+ 31 15 750 25 76

bridge designer at ipv Delft

project team

Chris Spierings
Teun Teeuwisse
Marion Kresken
Martijn van Dongen
Jona de Bokx
Joost Vreugdenhil

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