Dolder bridge Steenwijk


What better way to define the entrance to a city than the use of a symbolical gate? This bridge was designed as one of the main entrances to the historical city centre of Steenwijk. It needed to be simple yet iconic, and although non-moving for now, the client wanted the bridge to possibly become movable in the near future without any large modifications.

ready for change

The two hollow steel portals offer enough room for the necessary mechanical works to be installed inside, if and when the bridge needs to become a movable one. They  also house the integrated lighting, which illuminates the outlines of the structure at night.


size: l=20 m | w=17,8 m
building costs: € 1.200.000

more information?

call Johan Büdgen:
+ 31 15 750 25 74

project team

Adriaan Kok
Peter van Meir
Johan Büdgen
Niels Degenkamp
Rob Kruizinga

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