submersible Fortmond bridge


Situated in the flood plain of the IJssel river, just north of Olst, this bridge is part of a larger project aiming to allow the river more room for expansion in order to increase the safety of several towns and villages within the region. Part of the project is to excavate a secondary channel just east of the village of Fortmond. This secondary channel, however, would cut through a much love cycle route. Therefore, we were asked to design a submersible 100 metre bicycle bridge.


The transparant, sustainable and neutrally looking bridge was designed to integrate into its surroundings as best as possible. As its concrete columns have deliberately not been treated, the various water levels will soon leave their marks.


The prefabricated concrete deck is free of obstacles and curved on both sides.

At high tide, the bridge will easily submerse, leaving no water behind when the water returns to its normal level. At its thickest point, the deck still only is 500 mm thick.


size: l=109 m | w=4,3 m
building costs: 1 million euro
completed: 2015

more information?

call Ronald Rozemeijer:
+31 15 750 25 71

bridge designer at ipv Delft

project team

Maurits Lopes Cardozo
Ronald Rozemeijer
Chris Spierings
Gerhard Nijenhuis

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