landmark bicycle bridge N274

embedded in the landscape

As part of a thorough reconstruction of the N274 road in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, we designed a new bicycle bridge crossing a busy traffic roundabout. Prior to designing the bridge we were asked to do a feasibility study. This resulted in the final alignment. We have combined a in situ cast concrete bridge with embankments  on either side. The bridge itself forms a continuous horziontal line in the rural landscape.

large spans

The 188-meter bridge comprises of several identical 28-meter spans, allowing for a large open area underneath that offers drivers a clear overview of both the roundabout and its surroundings. The entire bridge structure is cast in situ. This results in a slender and continuous bridge deck and relatively small supports.

artist collaboration

The bridge design has come about in close collaboration with renowned artist Marijke de Goey. To emphasize the bridge’s function as a gateway to the Parkstad area, she designed three sculptures that were integrated into the bridge design.


dimensions: l=188 m (bridge only), total length=330 m
completion: 2019

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project team

Joost Vreugdenhil
Gerhard Nijenhuis

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