Neckarbrücke Heidelberg


For a competition in Heidelberg we have designed a bicycle connection spanning the river Neckar and two adjoining roads. The design comprises a continuous hovering ribbon over 500 meters in length. It features three arches, spanning 139m 94m and 44m respectively.

parametric design

The gentle arches mirror the Odenwald mountains and form a gateway to the city of Heidelberg,  The arches were optimised using parametric structural analysis, resulting in a very slender design. We put our effort in vastly increasing cycling comfort and safety. We therefore designed conflict-free paths and intersections for cyclists and pedestrians.

Optimesed slopes

We optimised the slopes so they never exceed 3%. This allows any type of user to comfortably cross the river, including those in a wheelchair or on a cargo bike.  The flyover is situated in such a way that it shields de Gneisenaupark from circulating traffic.


Landscape design: Hyco Verhaagen.
Structural engineering partner: Patrick Teuffel

Competition: 2019

more information?

call Marion Kresken:
+31 15 750 25 72

bridge designer at ipv Delft

project team
Joris Veerman
Chris Wattel
Thijs Beerkens
Marion Kresken

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