Nigtevecht bicycle bridge

This impressively slender, 104 meter long bicycle bridge across the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal near the village of Nigtevecht provides a much needed addition to the local and regional recreational bicycle network. A wildlife connection was created at the same time and location, allowing wildlife to cross the canal and connecting two areas of natural beauty.

Befitting the location the bridge design is slender, transparent and low-key. Spatial integration of the long ramps provided quite a challenge, as the required 10 meter clearance results in very long ramps on either side of the canal.

The design provides for a flight of stairs on either side of the bridge, offering pedestrians a shorter route. Separating pedestrians and cyclists on the long ramps will also increase safety for both parties.

This project is a joint effort. We have worked closely together with main contractor Ballast Nedam and ecological consulting firm Bureau Waardenburg. The Province of Utrecht and the Province of North-Holland were the commissioning parties, who on their turn collaborated with Rijkswaterstaat and two city councils (De Ronde Venen and Stichtse Vecht).
The final design has come about thanks to public private neighbourhood collaboration, where locals and other relevant stakeholders were able to provide input.

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project team
Ivo Mulders
Joris Veerman
Elmar van Cleynenbreugel
Jona de Bokx
Sam de Koning

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