bicycle bridges

large-scale bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Bicycle and pedestrian bridges are part of the public space. Therefore, a well-designed bridge can hugely improve the appearance and attractiveness of public space. At the same time, bridges fulfil a need within the existing bicycle and pedestrian network, people can get from A to B more easily. Our aim is to design well-functioning bridges on both fronts. Finding ways to fit a new bridge into its surroundings and the existing network is one of our specialities.

We focus on structural efficiency, honest use of materials and creating a timeless quality.
However, what characterises our bridges the most, is their slender appearance. We always aim for a structure that is as slim as possible, yet still structurally sound.

cycling infrastructure

In the Netherlands, cycling is embedded in our way of life and our city planning. As a Dutch design office, thinking of infrastructure from the perspective of cyclists comes naturally to us. Whether it is about finding a way to create a grade level separated crossing, the ideal slope of a cycling ramp or how to design a comfortable bicycle bridge. The spatial integration of cycling infrastructure offers many challenges and we love standing up to them.
Furthermore, we can offer advice on various related issues, such as how to deal with bottlenecks and barriers or how to ensure cyclist safety.

We can also provide support to cites, communities and government institutions that are interested in building cycling infrastructure or a cycling network, but have no idea how and where to start.

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