Linielanding allows people to park their car right next to the motorway and then go for a walk or take a bicycle or canoe to explore the interesting sights the area has to offer, such as the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie or Eiland van Schalkwjik. Based on a preliminary design bij Arc2 architects, we made the final design for the central connection between motorway, parking and commercial facilities. Linielanding is on the border between the cities of Houten and Nieuwegein, right along the A27 motorway.


The connector road between motorway and polder (low-lying land) is shaped like a spiral. Underneath the road surface is a bicycle rental store and a bicycle storage facility. A viewing platform is integrated into the ring of steel columns, offering visitors great views of the area. The steel columns in the centre of the spiral literally guide visitors towards the parking area.

Lighting has been integrated into the design, with an emphasis on bringing light only where it is needed. Just like the Linielanding design itself, the lighting design is also full of character and ambition.


measurements: l = 45 m  |  w=62 m
building costs: approx. € 1.700.000

more information?

call Johan Büdgen:
+ 31 15 750 25 74


project team

Chris Spierings
Teun Teeuwisse
Marion Kresken
Martijn van Dongen
Jona de Bokx
Joost Vreugdenhil

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