feasibility and design studies

The construction of a new bridge or piece of infrastructure is usually preceded by a series of choices and decisions. One of our specialities is helping clients make these necessary choices by giving them insight into the various options and possibilities. That’s where feasibility and design studies come in.

First we analyse the requirements and desires. We then visualise the possible solutions, out of which we select the most interesting concepts together with the client. Those concepts are finalised and visualised. In addition, we write a report which offers insight in the possible choices and their influence and effect. This usually includes criteria such as costs, sustainability and building time, but can include any relevant items.

The subject of a feasibility or design study can vary from a cycling route or the most suitable bridge location to bridge types, construction material or a new layout for a busy intersection. If you would like to know whether your infrastructural dilemma is something that could become the subject of a feasibility study, please contact us.

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