underpasses Bio Science Park

entrance road

To increase traffic flow on one of the main entrance roads into both the city of Leiden itself and the institutions and businesses of the Bio Science Park in particular, the city council asked for an underpass to be built.

In collaboration with landscape designers Karres en Brands and Dutch construction company Heijmans we designed the large Plesmanlaan underpass for road traffic, as well as two pedestrian and bicycle underpasses.


The choice of materials was based on our views of a welcoming, modern and inner-city appearance. The walls of all three underpasses are lined with ceramic tiles in a subtle pattern referring to DNA profiles. The ceiling of the Plesmanlaan underpass is clad with bamboo paneling, elegantly emphasizing the crossing above.


The overall lighting design was also part of our project scope. We designed wall lighting, plus there’s ceiling lights in the main underpass.


contractor: Heijmans
completed: 2016

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project team

Ivo Mulders
Ronald Rozemeijer
Rutger Wirtz
Joris Veerman

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