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We are a Dutch design and engineering office, specializing in bridges and infrastructure.

The Hovenring is one of our best known projects, but we have done much more!

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Who we are

ipv Delft is one of the leading bridge design and engineering offices in the Netherlands. Over the past twenty years, we have designed and completed hundreds of pedestrian, bicycle and road bridges all over the country. We believe in collaboration and are proud to have good working relations with nearly all large Dutch building companies, as well as many city councils and governmental organisations. As far as design is concerned, our aim is to always come up with a solution that is elegant, logical and cost effective.

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What we do

Our main focus is on bridge design and engineering. Our projects range from footbridges and bicycle infrastructure to road bridges underpasses and the occasional landscape design. Feasibility and design studies are part of our portfolio as well. Internationally, we also give lectures on the design and implementation of bicycle infrastructure and offer consultancy to local government.

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Our expertise

As designers and engineers, we know all about bridges: building materials, bridge types, production methods, structural design, conservation, building regulations, cost reduction et cetera. As we have worked on many complex and large-scale projects over the years, we also have extensive expertise in creating public support and stakeholder involvement.

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