With an open mind and a large dose of experience, we can design bridges for literally every situation imaginable. Iconic, part of a series or extremely budget.

What characterizes our designs is our aim to create logical, efficient and simple solutions. We believe a good design has a certain timeless quality, allowing it to still be perceived as a good design in forty years’ time.

That’s why our bridge and infrastructure designs are sometimes innovative and often surprising but always effective.

design & engineering

As all of our designers have an engineering degree, we often extend our project involvement to the engineering phase. With extensive knowledge of materials, structural mechanics, production techniques and the building process, we regularly take on both design and engineering and sometimes even oversee the entire construction.

We have worked on design-build projects with most of the major Dutch construction companies.

feasibility studies

The subject of a feasibility or design study can vary from a cycling route or the most suitable bridge location to bridge types, construction material or a new layout for a busy intersection. Over the years, we have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge to use as a solid basis for our studies.

analysis & advise

Our extensive knowledge of bridge design, spatial integration, costs, contracts and many other road and cycling infrastructure related issues enables us to be a respected party when it comes to research and advise. In the Netherlands, we often offer support to city councils and large construction companies. On issues such as finding the best location or the most suitable bridge type, but also on creating a cycling network or practical issues such as choice of material and sustainability.